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Tomyo / 豆苗

Since I came to the Netherlands, I have always grown several kinds of vegetables in my kitchen such as alfalfa/アルファルファ, mung bean sprouts/もやし, broccoli sprouts/ブロッコリースプラウト, etc.

"Tomyo/豆苗" are young leaves of garden peas and are one of the common vegetables available in all supermarkets in Japan.

Peas are called "Erwten" in the Netherlands, and they are mainly used as ingredients for the traditional Dutch soup called "Erwtensoep."

I can easily harvest splendid Tomyo in about two weeks after I grow them.

Due to the heavy snowfall last Sunday, I missed the opportunity to go to the supermarket so there are no vegetables in our fridge.

It's a good time to try the taste of these Tomyo and we can have this side dish for our meals today.

The three at the back are Tomyo, which are Groene erwten/Pea sprouts. From the left, Kapucijners / gray pea, Mungbonen/Mung bean, Groene erwten/Pea.

Mungbonen's sprouts are already overgrown, but this time I'm going to wait for them to become green before I eat it. This will be the first time for me to try it, but I would like to compare the taste and texture from the regular sprouts.

A part of the beans I use to make sprout.

From the left, Kapucijners/gray pea 3.29 euros/500g, Mungbonen/Mung bean 2.69 euros/500g, Groene erwten/Pea 2.49 euros/500g, Zwarte bonen/Black turtle bean 1.99 euros/500g.

I bought these at an organic supermarket. But if you buy them at a garden store, it will cost you about 10 times more. Mungbonen, for example, sells for € 2.95 per 50g.

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