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Yuko Ogino My Favorite Japan her culture and tradition



  • Early life

    • Born in Kyoto City, and raised in its northern part near Takano river surrounded by rich suburban nature, and located close to the 5 mountains famous for Obon mountain bonfire.

    • Exposure to Christianity in one of Japan's representative mission schools, Doshi-sha from junior high school to woman's college, where she graduated with a diploma in Classical Music.

  • Career in music

    • Music teacher in several high schools and in a nursing institute

    • Founder and leader of a Music Therapy research institute

    • Developer of original musical instruments for therapeutic purposes in the Netherlands

    • University lecturer in original improvisational music therapy theory

    • Arranger/Performer in a professional folk music band

    • Composed various music for commercials and architectural spaces

    • Produced music for RPG games

  • Social activities

    • Co-founder and director for a Music Therapy non-profit organization

    • The NPO's activity redefinition and expansion as NPO Society for Rebalance Kyoto into the area of regaining of the balance in daily life based on multi-faceted Japanese cultural tradition and good senses for beauty

    • Planner of community lecture series for law knowledge,  work therapy etc

    • Planner of Kitsuke visiting lectures to penitentiary institutes

    • Co-founder of the general partnership "Project Japan" to promote Japanese trad art elements for re-balancing daily life through cultural exchange

    • Guest curator of a museum based in Amsterdam and Barcelona 

 is a Japanese family crest. It is assigned to individuals, families or clans. This image is the kamon for the Ogino Family

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