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Christmas 2020: Remembering My Mother-in-law's Passing

I am now experiencing the toughest lockdown to date in the Netherlands which started from December 15 and will last until January 19. Restaurants, sports clubs, hair salons, and movie theatres are closed. There is a possibility that this lockdown will be extended.

My husband, who works in Japan, has finally visited the Netherlands again after a few months. We are spending quality time with the whole family during the last days of the year, remembering my mother-in-law who passed away a year ago.

Led by my eldest son who is becoming more and more interested in cooking these days, my children are working together to cook special seasonal dishes like roast beef, roast chicken, celery root soup, chicken liver pâté, salad with homemade mayonnaise and bûche de Noël.

His passion for cooking is also shared by his younger brothers, and it's a good stress-reliever seeing them being productive while having fun.

The attached photos were taken by my second son and my husband. There is nothing happier than being surrounded by the whole family while enjoying meals together, which is how I feel every year.

Thank you and happy holidays from our family to yours! Stay safe!


These photos were taken when we met my mother-in-law who was bravely fighting against cancer last summer. She passed on to another life months later but her memories will always stay close to our hearts.


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