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Care Package from my Beloved Mom

I received a care package from my mother through my husband the day before Valentine's Day.

It includes several pieces of fresh yuzu (a kind of citrus) harvested in my parents' garden and fresh wakame (edible seaweed) which is hard to find in the Netherlands,

Other items in the package are:

2 kinds of Furikake (dry Japanese condiment) which are 3 packs of Chirimenzansho (small dried fish and sansho berries) and 2 packs of Shisowakame (wakame and shiso plant)

3 kinds of Tsukudani, which are Kinomedaki (kelp, berries and sansho leaves), Sanshokonbu (kelp and sansho berries), and Mizansho (Japanese green peppercorn)

3 kinds of Tsukemono, which are Nozawana, Sugukizuke (Suzuki pickles), homemade Cucumber Nukazuke and 2 types of Kamaboko (fish cake)

"Ichiroku Tart" which is a rolled sponge cake with yuzu-flavoured bean paste.

Although not shown in this photo, fresh lily bulb /百合根 and fresh dioscorea polystachya (Chinese yam) /長芋 were also included.

All of the items in the care package are my favourites.

My most favourite is my mother's homemade Cucumber Nukazuke/きゅうりのぬか漬け which made me feel so nostalgic that I almost cried.

I love you Mom and I thank you for everything you’ve done and for always being there for me.


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