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First Gozan no Okuribi/五山の送り火 after 5 years

Our family was able to watch and admire the first "Gozan no Okuribi" (Mountain Bonfire) in Kyoto Matsugasaki after being away for 5 years.

Japanese people believe that during the Bon Festival, the spirits of our departed loved ones visit our ancestral homes. The lighting of bonfires is a ritual ceremony that is performed as a way of guiding the ancestors' spirits back to the afterlife.

As the spirits were led back, I think of the dear friends that I lost and offered prayers for them.

Gozan no Okuribi/五山の送り火 will ignite Daimonji/大文字, Myo/妙, Hou/法, Funagata/船形, Hidaridaimonji/左大文字, and Toriigata/鳥居形 after 8 pm on the 16th. Every time it is ignited, cheers and applause come from the citizens all over the city. This is Myo/妙 ’s Okuribi near my parents' home.

With the approach of Typhoon No. 10, Daimonji/大文字 and Funagata/船形 were canceled from Gomagi/護摩木, but Gozan no Okuribi/五山の送り火 was held as planned. Gomagi/護摩木 is a wood for burning when a holy fire is lighted.

This photo was taken from the article of the Kyoto Shimbun with the following link:

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