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The Unexpected Visitor

Last Sunday, my sons found a hedgehog in front of our house. It was the first time we saw a wild hedgehog. We had to transfer the hedgehog to another location because he was going to be hit by our front door whenever we would swing it open. My sons were fascinated with the animal and after they gave it water and the carrots, they said good bye to hedgehog in the garden and it disappeared in the dark.

Last Thursday night, I heard a small animal pass back and forth in front of my room. The sound convinced me that it was not a rat, and when I opened the door, it looked like an oversized rat or mole, but it disappeared quickly. It was probably because I screamed.

The next morning, I found a number of detached hedgehog needles where I thought the oversized mouse or mole was hiding. I realized that the hedgehog might still be in the house. And I found the sleeping hedgehog in the corner of our corridor.

I thought it was not right to wake him up. I waited for my child to arrive home since I needed to check if my sons had brought the hedgehog inside.

My sons came home and they were surprised to see the hedgehog. The hedgehog apparently came inside our house on its own.

Then we said good bye. I wonder if the hedgehog was able to go home properly.

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