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My Second Round of "Bohemian Rhapsody" With the Entire Family

Today at Christmas Eve, my whole family watched "Bohemian Rhapsody". My sons and I already watched this movie a month ago and we became devoted Queen's fans. To tell the truth, I was a school refusing child in junior high school, I was addicted to the music of Queen flowing from the radio at that time. Whenever their music flows in a movie (irrespective of whether it is a scene to be moved or not), tears overflow automatically and can not stop it. Music that aroused in my ear when I was at an impressionable age awakened my excitement where it is not related to this movie. I feel strange when I think that my sons are in the same generation as I was. On our way home, we sang our hearts out. Some people smiled at us when they heard us singing, so I knew that they also admire Queen as performers. Even if Freddie is gone, Queen's brand of music and legacy will remain forever.

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