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Bohemian Rhapsody: Never Getting Old

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody with my three sons last weekend. Our local cinema is VUE Hilversum and it is usually quite deserted. But on that weekend it was almost packed. There were parents and children in the theater. The climax of the movie is the reproduction of the legendary Live AID. In this movie, Freddie came out as HIV positive. Then, he performs on Live AID. But, in real life, his HIV infection was discovered after Live AID. There is not much difference in this movie from real-life facts. So Queen fans may be able to enjoy this movie as a work of fiction. I thought this movie was a rock musical that depicts Freddie's story in the behind Queen's masterpieces rather than a biography movie. At the same time, as a movie to convey the charm of the Queen, it was a wonderful piece. My sons do not know the band members but are familiar with the music. I was glad that my sons said they wanted to watch this movie again. Their music never gets old and live in us.

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