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International Day of Peace

Today is “International Day of Peace. I am writing to inform you that my three sons and I will participate in an event called “International Day of Peace Amsterdam”. This is a nonprofit cultural event that aims to support world peace through artistic performances courtesy of multicultural performing artists and musicians organized by Evangelisch-Luther Gemeente Amsterdam. The performers and attendees of the event come from different cultural backgrounds and religious orientations, thus uniting people from all walks of life through art. My eldest son Asobi Ogino and I will host a Japanese roasted tea (焙じ茶 Houjicha) ceremony with a casual and cozy atmosphere at 16:00-16:25. Also, my younger sons Sola Ogino and Laku Ogino will perform with professional artists namely Simsa Cho and Ayumi Matsuda. (For your information, houjicha tea contains very low caffeine so children are allowed to drink it. Here’s a link to know out more about Houjicha : ) We will also show Hiroya Fujii’s Kimono work, transported from Japan. One is presented on display and some of them are worn by performers. Everyone is welcome to join the event. There will be no registration fee. It will be held on Saturday, 22nd of September ( tomorrow!), 2018 at the church Evangelisch-Luther Gemeente Amsterdam. It will start from 14:00 and end around 18:00. You can come at any time and join any program you are interested in. Enjoy your tea and the kimonos!

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