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The Meg

Because my kids and their friend wanted to see "The Meg," we watched the movie tonight at VUE Cinema. I watched without knowing anything in advance. I don't know who the director is, the actors, or the production company. A deep sea beyond the Mariana Trench, which is said to be unexplored territory, was discovered. The exploration team from the Ocean Research Institute will start investigating with the latest submersible. They are all excited to discover the world of the deep ocean where fantastic unknown creatures live. They encountered a huge megalodon shark which is said to have been extinct two million years ago. It has a body length of 23 meters and a weight of 20 tons.

In 3D Dolby Cinema, the sharks in Spielberg's "Jaws" look cute and very safe compared to "The Meg." I think that the director of "The Meg" knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. My eldest son who finished watching this movie said that he will not swim in the ocean anymore.

For me personally, it is impressive that Toshi (Mashi Oka), gave his life to save the other members of the exploration team. I felt that this is symbolic of Japan's international position now or that it seems to suggest Japan's standing in the future.

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