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Netherlands: Bicycle Capital

The Netherlands is said to be a "bicycle capital," and the bicycle rate per population here is the world's number one. There are also many flat lands suitable for bicycles, and bicycle lanes are installed throughout the country. A bicycle parking lot is set up in every train station, and a train has a carriage specifically for bicycles. In order to encourage bicycle commuting, companies can avail of a tax discount if their employees use bicycles.

Our family also has more bicycles than occupants. When one breaks down, it will be sent to the bicycle store for repair, but its repair fee is more expensive than in Japan. The bike tyre of my second son was punctured. If you shell out 100 euros you can buy a used bicycle. But we don't have plans to go out, so we left the bike as it is.

Last Saturday, when my friend and his wife came to visit us, he taught my eldest son carefully how to fix and repair a bicycle. Thanks to their patience and guidance, my eldest son now knows what to do. He harvested and brought grapes to Stefan, as a token of thanks and gratitude.

Dutch people can repair bicycles, regardless of gender or financial status. My friend can repair and fix furniture. They are enjoying their daily life. Many acquaintances have workshops. Often you will see someone who is repairing the furniture in the front yard, during days off from work. I like this nature of Dutch people. They are independent.

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