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Sushi Festival City Beach in Amsterdam

Today I went to the Sushi Festival in Amsterdam with my whole family. My two older sons joined the Sushi Workshop. It was so popular that there were only two seats left. The registration fee is 20 Euro. In the workshop, the rolling of sushi are taught in two ways -- traditional and modern. The sushi made by participants is theirs and they can eat it. We had to pay for the entrance fees as well as the sushi. My husband and my third son bought a ticket for 8 Euros with free sushi. Choices of sushi are: sushi donuts (6.5 Euros) or sushi burger (6 euros). I recommend Sushi donuts: these have more fish and vegetables, compared to the burger which has more rice. There were food booths such as Ramen, Okonomiyaki, conveyor belt sushi corner, fried sushi, and drinks. In addition, there is a massage corner. A 15-minute massage cost EUR 15. There were plenty of space for children to enjoy and play around. There were trampolines, mazes and pools. On the way to the Amsterdam Station, we used the Uber taxi for the first time. Normally, going there cost 20 euros by regular taxi. When we used Uber, we only paid 14 euros for the same distance. Even with a tip, it is cheaper than a regular taxi, so it is convenient to know at a glance how far your driver is. Other customers also used Uber.

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