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The Last International Fair

Today's fund raising event was the biggest. It was organized by the school the children attended, for the International Fair Day. There are around 2032 (please check) booths in all because there are more than 40 nationalities attending in the International School. This year is my fourth time, since my sons will graduate or transfer. This will be the last fair for me. In the past three years, we have had a Japanese booth, selling Japanese dishes such as takoyaki and sushi. We were busy. However, this time I decided to be on the sidelines enjoying everything: the Cheese cake from the Polish booth; the food looking like walnut mochi of the Turkish booth, and of course the dumpling of the Japanese booth was delicious. Other nice booths are the: face painting, raffle, and balloon race booths. A musician played too. The proceeds from the booths will be donated to the school. As for my sons, this is what they did: My eldest son provided children's game at the request of his junior high school. He also organised the booth. My two younger sons played all day while eating all kinds of food. Today is also the day of my father's heart operation. I pray that his surgery will be well.

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