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Tea for One Sky One World

My eldest son Asobi Ogino, HIroya Fujii (a kimono designer) and I will participate in the "International Day of Peace Amsterdam 2017" event tomorrow.

It is a non-profit cultural event aiming for the realization of world peace. Multicultural performing artists and musicians will be attending this event as well. It will be held on the 23rd of September, 2017 at the church of Evangelisch-Luther Gemeente Amsterdam.

Hiroya is a Kimono designer who is also a project member of ONE SKY, ONE WORLD and he chooses several Kimono for this program along with concept of One Sky One World.

Asobi is going to prepare some tea cakes by himself. Hopefully he’d be successful in his task.

To those living in the Netherlands: The program starts from 14:00 until 21:00. You may come any time and join any program you are interested in. There will be no registration fee. As for Asobi's and my part - the Japanese roasted tea ceremony would start at 16:00 - if you could attend around that time, we would greatly appreciate it.

Check this link for a video of our tea ceremony performance at paviljoen de Verbeelding Zeewolde in 2016:

Japanese roasted tea (焙じ茶 Houjicha) is very aromatic and contains only little caffeine. Children can drink it easily. If you want to know more about “焙じ茶 Houjicha” you can check this.

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