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Happy Halloween 2015

Our kids' school held a Halloween parade and costume contest also this year. I had to receive some guests at home on the day and was unable to go and take the photos at the school. But happily enough, our three, repeat three! , kids all got the prize for "most scary" costume in their each group(grade), which was amazing but the overnight work to prepare the costume at home, even with their father involved, was well rewarded. The photo shows our night visit to Amsterdam on the Halloween night, 31 of October. We finished our supper early at home, and the whole family enjoyed strolling from Central Station to Dam square. There also the three KAONASHI (faceless) were so popular as to attract a crowd of photo-takers and selfie-seekers. It was wonderful many and various people got interested regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, or skin or eye colours. I felt somewhat proud even though the character itself isn't my original design.

今年も恒例の学校主催ハロウィンパレード&コンテストが開催されました。当日は来客があって学校での様子を撮影することが出来ませんでしたが、おかげさまで3人とも ’ 学年で一番怖いで賞 (most scary in groupX)' をいただくことができました。驚くべき事ですがパパさんも動員しての夜なべの衣装準備が十分報われました。 写真はハロウインの夜(10月31日)のアムステルダム。家で早めに夕食をとり、中央駅からダム広場までを家族みんなで散歩しました。ここでもカオナシは記念撮影を求めて人だかりができるほどの人気ぶり。肌や目の色を問わずさまざまな人種から反応があり驚きました。自分が作ったキャラクターでもないのに何だか鼻が高かったです。

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