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Kyoto Takigi Noh

After a considerable blank, finally I came back to Kyoto Takigi Noh. Bonfires on stands light up the deep and mystic theatrical space. It is said this theatre form does date back further than the establishment of noh itself, possibly to no later than mid Heian era.

The performed daramas were TAKASAGO and MATSUKAZE=MITOME (both Kanze-school noh dramas,) CHIGIRIKI (an Okura-school kyogen comedy,) and SHaAKKYO=WAGOU-RENJISHI (Kongoh-school han-noh drama.)

I felt a few moments when the stage, audience and nature amalgamated in a oneness just under a mauve cloak of twilight, while the two mysterious sisters in MATSUKAZE dancing quietly gathering sea water. And spontaneously I caught an unusual sight of the moon high above.

Click on the picture to view a motion picture of the bonfire-lit Noh stage at Heian shrine

Kyoto Takigi Noh; Yuko Ogino My Favorite Japan her culture and tradition
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