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Kyoto style of Japanese Artisan Sweets and Rin-pa school of Art

Rin-pa from 17th to 19th century Japan is a virtual school of Japanese art in fact consisting of a chain of creation in homage to the styles of forerunners by each artist in the stream. Its splendid decorative sense and designs with every tinge of modernity have influenced a broad range of artistic areas beyond time. The exhibition tried to cast a light on the design and creative potential of Rin-pa through making the original sweets by the so aspiring members from OI-MATSU, a classical artisan confectioners' in Kyoto. The author of postings in the present site has been learning classical Japanese sweets making at OI-MATSU for some time, and her humble original sweets "Moon Light" was displayed there, too (photo). At least her intention was to image it after a moon reflecting and trembling on the surface of water in the dark.

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