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My Birthday 2020

Thank you for all the birthday messages! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I spent my birthday with my family who gave me lovely gifts. On my birthday, I really had a blast. I celebrated one of the happiest birthdays of my life. My family prepared a surprise birthday celebration for me which I didn't expect.

My eldest son, our main chef on my birthday night, served us his version of the "Yakiniku" (grilled meat), made of whole organic beef tongue from JPpuurvlees. It has recently become his hobby to serve fish and meat dishes. At JPpuurvlees, the whole tongue is sold for 16 euros, and it is cheaper than most of those organic products sold in Japan.

He made 5 plates of the Yakiniku from one tongue mass.

Another main dish was the spare ribs which were tender and juicy and also came from JPpuurvlees where they only supply organic products.

My eldest son also made my favorite Thai vermicelli salad "ยำวุ้นเส้น/ヤムウンセン/ Spicy glass noodle salad." Coriander was first harvested in our garden this year.

There was no shrimp in our fridge that day.

My third son baked some apple and strawberry cupcakes, too!

The strawberries were fresh from our garden!

Delectable tarts from LE FOURNIL, my favorite bakeshop.

My second son was in-charge of cleaning and organizing the party and he is also our official photographer.

Also, my second son gave me a massage coupon again this year. This massage coupon is not real. It can only be redeemed from him because he knows a massage technique. He learned his massage technique through his 12-year Aikido training and healing is another benefit he got from it.

"Mom, open the window," my sons said from outside. This was the amazing sight I saw when I opened the window and went to the balcony.

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