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Sautéed Chicken Thigh w/Balsamico SHOYU Sauce


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serves 5


1kg                  Chicken thighs with skin

2-3 pc              Garlic

some                Fresh-ground pepper

some                Salt

2 tblsp             Sake

2tblsp              Honey

some                Mirin or Brown sugar

1-3 tblsp          SHOYU soy sauce

150-180 ml      Balsamic vinegar

4-6 tblsp          SOBA-TSUYU mixture (see below for the separate recipe)


  1.       Wrap the cicken with kitchen paper etc, and put it in fridge for draining.

  2.       After the paper absorbs water from the chicken sufficiently, salt and pepper the skin side. Remember to apply the pepper amply.

  3.       Sit the chicken on its skin in a large frying pan, grill over medium heat until the skin browns. Turn over and grill a bit, then turn over again on the skin, lower the heat, and place a lid.       NB.  The chicken will be sautéed well with its fat only, but you might as well add some oil to avoid burn-sticking.

  4.       When the chicken begins to exude gravy, crash the garlic to apply there, lid again to gril until the skin crisps. (Care to grill it evenly but without fiddling too much.)

  5.       Add the honey to mingle evenly.  Add SAKE after a while and shake the pan.

  6.       After the SAKE's alcohol evaporates almost, add ¾ of the balsamic vinegar, when the chicken stays a little raw in the center.yet.

  7.       Add SOBA-TSUYU sauce up to your tasite, add a suitable portion of MIRIN if you want more sweetness.

  8.      Just before the chicken is cooked through, add the rest of balsamic vinegar. Add SHOYU say sauce not on but from around the chicken slowly while tasting for the right amount,  Shake the frying pan to let the chicken absorb the sauce.

  9.       Dish up with .sautéed potato slices and other vegetable garnish. Bring the gravy and sauce in the pan to a boil. Pour to finish the chicken and serve.   




100g    SHOYU soy sauce

30g      MIRIN

25g      Brown sugar

5g        Shaves of dried bonito


Put the SHOYU and MIRIN in a pot,  heat and dissolve the sugar,  and add the bonito just before boiling.  Let the mixtre boil for seconds and turn off the heat.  Leave to cool down, strain with a bamboo colandar or other strainer into a bin.  Keeps for a few months in the fridge.













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