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Narita to Schiphol Airport

I was moved to tears when my two young sons picked me up, which I didn't expect. However, one of my checked bags was missing, making them wait outside the gate for five hours.

The view from my hotel room.

On the last day of my stay in Japan, I stayed at a hotel on the premises of Narita Airport.

Up to 23kg per bag, which I checked carefully with the hotel's weighing scale. Unfortunately, this baggage was the one that got lost.

Waiting to check in at Finnair in Narita, still with my red suitcase.

The plane that took me from Narita to Helsinki

In Helsinki. Waiting for my turn for the passport check.

On board the flight from Helsinki to Schiphol airport.

Arrived at Schiphol Airport where my sons were waiting to welcome me.

Our luggage was supposed to be picked up from Belt 16, but one of my checked bags never showed up despite waiting for a long time.

There were mountains of lost baggage here and there.

Will they ever be returned to their owners?

I approached Swissport service desk that covers Finnair.

Passengers who lost their baggage were also lining up behind me.

Others who also lost their baggage were lining up at the service desks of other airlines, including Lufthansa.

The air there was filled with an unpleasant smell due to the odor coming from several packages and people whose baggage is missing seemed to be confused.

It's almost my turn.

A property irregularity report was finally prepared by the Swissport service desk.

My sons carrying my heavy loads with ease at the Amsterdam station.

My son opened the zipper of my luggage and said, "The air smells like Japan," which made me laugh.

It's been more than a week and my red bag is still missing.


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