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Mother's Day 2021

On Mother's Day, I received a handwritten plate from all of my family members and handmade tickets from the kids.

There are many types of handmade tickets such as massage tickets, breakfast tickets, and snack tickets. I get massage tickets every year. I am already satisfied even by just receiving them alone; I don't need anything else.

However, my sons have a condition - I have to use all of them. So, in the end, I’ll be using them.

My eldest son made the roll cakes with all organic ingredients for me.

Recently, he has improved his cooking skills and the cake dough was so fluffy; it was delicious when it was baked.

For dinner, my kids and husband made special medium fatty tuna sushi. My husband also grated the Nagaimo/Chinese yam that he brought from Japan and made a small-sized "Tuna and Grated Yam Rice Bowl". The Nagaimos I ate for the first time in a long time were so delicious that they made my heart so full.

The leaves of Sansho/Japanese pepper on the top were given by my mother who lives in Kyoto. It's my favorite, but it's not available in the Netherlands, and I've never succeeded in sprouting the seeds I brought from Japan. Experiencing eating the leaves of Sansho for the first time in 7 years was so delicious I could cry.


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