Natto / 納豆

May 7, 2020


Since I came to the Netherlands, I have been making homemade Natto/納豆. You can buy ready-made natto at Asian food stores and home delivery services, but it is ten times more expensive than the price in Japan and it is a frozen product. Soybeans can be obtained at nearby supermarkets and online shops for around 1.7 euros for 500g of organic products. A 500-gram pack of organic black beans cost about 2 euros. Previously, pressure cookers and rice cookers were used to boil soybeans, but now, they are cooked using thermal cookers. Energy costs are very high in the Netherlands, so a thermal cooker or a vacuum flask cooker is cost-effective to save on gas.Add the soybeans cooked to the desired firmness to the natto with fermented bacteria mixed with a little starch syrup, which activates the fermentation process. Mix them well and divide into small portions in individual containers, then cover with kitchen paper secured with a rubber band. If we arrange them up in an insulated container in summer and in a heater in winter before going to bed, we can have delicious natto the next morning.





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