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Fijne Moederdag Gewenst!/ Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day. I got a lot of presents from my three sons. I'm very happy to experience this as a mother, and at the same time, to express my gratitude as a daughter to my own mother in Kyoto. She had been hospitalized because of Takayasu disease, but fortunately she was discharged the other day. Though it was a little late, I was still able to tell her directly via messenger my greetings and words of gratitude for Mother's Day.

Flowers made from papers and straws given by my youngest son.

My three sons scribbled some drawings and some lovely messages on the two potteries.

My second wrote his own message at the bottom of the plate while my other 2 sons were busy making their other presents.

A bouquet of roses from my 3 sons.

My sons put some roses around our hanging lamp in the living room. These roses are from the bouquet of roses that they gave me a while ago.

I received an envelope from my second son containing several tickets that I can use whenever I want. Included in the envelope are English tickets and Massage tickets.

He is preparing and mixing the cake ingredients

He is baking the cake while doing his homework.

It looks like the cake is ready.

My favorite lemon cake baked by my eldest son and mint tea made by my second son.

My favorite lemon curd (made from six organic lemons) prepared by my eldest son.

I was so happy that I intended to take a photo of all their presents, but I realized that I forgot to include the paper bouquet from my youngest son.😅

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