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Happy Easter! / Vrolijk Pasen! / ハッピーイースター! 🥚🥚🐇

Today is Easter. Our friends living nearby invited us to their home. Immediately, an egg hunt took place in the backyard after lunch. They told us to find the eggs before the hourglass empties on one side, but they are good at hiding their eggs, so my kids and I had difficulty finding them.The preparation of homemade scones, jams, toasts, cakes, cheeses and patties, and so many different types of meals must have taken a lot of effort. I have always been impressed by their warm and sweet hospitality. They took my sons to the forest to play, and invited them to sleep over. Thanks to them, I am relaxing at home for the first time after a long while.🤗


Here are some pictures they sent.

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