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Having a blast on the Christmas of 2018

Thanks to you, I was able to spend a simple but meaningful Christmas with my whole family. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too! I am spending my time relaxing at home, although I have not gone out because we need to fulfill so many housekeeping duties. I hope that you will all have a blast at the beginning of the year!

My second son made the usual cake (citrus peeled yogurt cake).

After eating citrus fruits at home, we always keep the fruit peelings and put them in the refrigerator.

Today my youngest son helped arrange the freshly-made orange and lemon peels one by one with chopsticks.

My eldest son took on the challenge of roasting an entire chicken on his own. He used a free-range, organic, 100% vegetable-fed black legged chicken. It is worthy of praise that my eldest son could bake the chicken properly in time for dinner.

The outer skin is brilliant and crisp. The glutinous rice and vegetables stuffed in chicken meat were rich in chicken flavor of the chicken taste.

He placed the chicken on top of the vegetables spread on the dish.

At the end of our dinner my eldest son said, "Please give me all the chicken bones from your dish." After gathering the chicken bones he went back to the kitchen and cooked us a delicious chicken soup.

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