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Oliebollen - Netherlands' Classic Snack for Winter

People in the Netherlands welcome the New Year by celebrating it with a delicious snack called Oliebollen, a delicious snack covered in powdered sugar served in a platter. "Oliebollen" directly means "Oil ball". It is often reffered as the Dutch's version of donut which is fried after fermenting the dough. Because it is fermented, it produces a similar texture as that of a Japanese Mochi. My husband got us some Oliebollens at Hilversum station this morning. I like my Oliebollen with raisins. Another thing is I am not a fan of "too much sweet" food but this snack has the right amount of sweetness in it. Eating Oliebollen is quite addicting so you have to eat it in moderation. It is believed that Oliebollen drives away bad spirits that is why I tried it myself. I tried eating it at the beginning of the year and yes bad luck did not seem to come. If by chance you happen to celebrate New Year in Netherlands, you must try it's very famous snack, Oliebollen!

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