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Performance day

My eldest son and I watched my middle son perform at his school last Tuesday. Each year the students in Group 8 with the highest grade usually have a play with the teachers taking roles and joining the performance. Unfortunately, my husband could not attend the event and see our son's performance because he was working in Japan. The school only allowed two persons per family to attend the school activity so my youngest son was left at home alone. My middle son and his group performed their version of Macbeth. It seemed that the teachers were the ones who decided the casting but it was the students who exerted efforts in setting up the stage, writing the play and directing the whole thing. I was surprised because when I was an elementary student, the teachers would be the ones to take charge of everything, from casting, play direction to stage setup. I was very proud of their hard work. My son appeared in the final battle scene of Macbeth and Mcduff. My son played one of the main characters, Mcduff and had a final battle with Macbeth. His teacher chose my son because he does Aikido. I believe it was a good and natural performance. They improvised their lines and did a comical scene which made the audience laugh. I was so impressed by the children's superb acting skills.

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