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King's Day (formerly Queen's Day) 2015

It was King's day, the biggest holiday in Holland, today. The entire nation mobilizes themselves to celebrate it and make merry. On the day only, everyone is allowed to sell anything everywhere in the town and every town in Holland becomes an open-air market all over, colored in orange that is the Dutch national color.

In Hilversum where we live, the town had been bustling since 2 days before and we had had a good time already, so today we went out to Amsterdam, with our lunchboxes by train (it takes half an hour by an express train.) It was much more thronged there.

今日はオランダ最大のお祭りKing’s Day!国中を挙げ国民総動員で思いっきり遊ぶ日です。 この日だけは誰がどこで何を売ってもいいことになっているので、オランダの街中がナショナルカラーのオレンジ色に染まる青空市場になります。私達が住むHilversumも、すでに前々日から大にぎわいなのですが、もう十分に遊んだので、昨日はお弁当を持って電車に乗り(特急で30分)、更に混んでいるAmsterdamに行ってきました。

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