Challenging again : Japan Pickles Championships ”T-1 Grand Prix”

January 13, 2015



My entry two years ago to the All Japan Pickles Championships ”T-1 Grand Prix” was eliminated in West-Japan Block championship, but its re-entry passed the screening and I was given an opportunity of rechallenging.


I thought at first the participation would be impossible now I lived in Holland, but ended up in daring to come back home for a while because of some business about an organization I am running, and of my family's backup above all.
If the date and venue is miraculously convenient to you in spite of this short notice, I do appreciate your participation in the public judge to taste my recipe (and remember to keep away from my presentation) and further to vote in its favor when you find it delicious. Thank you so much.






場所:イオンモールKYOTO Sakura館1F(京都市南区西九条鳥居口町1)
TEL :03-5778-9334


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