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SHOJIN Taki-komi rice

with Dried root vegetables & mushrooms


shojin taki-komi rice ; vegetarian ;  japanese food ; japanese cooking ; Yuko Ogino My Favorite Japan her culture and tradition
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Serves 10                                                                                         


2 1/2GO(375g) Rice    

2CHO (800g)  MOMEN Tofu

RootVegetables& mushrooms of season (weights in raw)

40g Daikon Radish   

40g favorite kind(s) of Carrot   

50g  king trumpet mushroom 

50g assorted Shimeji mushrooms 

50g Hen of the woods

50g Shiitake mushroom

53g Soy sauce

53g Sake        

38g Mirin

20g MITSUBA Parsley




    • Remove dirt from the mushrooms without washing, cut off their hard tips, hand-rip into small bite-size, and sun-dry into about a fifth of the raw weight.

    • Cut up the root vegetables into rice-grain size without peeling, and sun-dry into about a fifth of the raw weight.

    • Drain water out from Tofu slowly with a weight over a night.

    • Wash rice half an hour before cooking, and drain water in a basket.

  2. Combine the rice, soy sauce, sake, and mirin in a DONABE earthen pot or a rice-cooker pot, add the adequate amount of water to the rice, and stir lightly

  3. Cover the rice with the dried vegetables and mushrooms like a doughnut-shaped ring, and place the tofu on the center of the ring.

  4. Cook the rice as you usually do with the pot.

  5. When the rice is cooked up, remove the pot content to SAWARA-wooden SUSHI-OKE, mix the content well with SHAMOJI spatula while crumbling the tofu as if you cut it, and let the steam escape.

  6. Remove the rice to SAWARA-wooden SUSHI-OKE

  7. Dish up and top with MITSUBA leaves and stalks adequately cut.

  8. Serve with sesame, SICHIMI Japanese red pepper mix, SANSHO Japanese pepper etc to sprinkle as you like.

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